Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dear Governor Lingle

And all you other homophobic straight people... it's time for this gay to be angry.

I have held my tongue for far too many years. I have watched on the sidelines disappointed in the loss of our marriage rights here in California in a false campaign led by virtucrats who scared people into voting to take the rights of a minority for the first time in the history of this great nation. I was mad, but quite frankly I didn't have anyone I wanted to marry and so with the crush of life I let it go.

Well now, now it matters. I know, I know, it should always have mattered, but now there's the Irish Bear, and I'm tired of having to explain to my family and heterosexual friends how difficult it is to be together because we are two men who love each other. So here we go.

If we were a heterosexual couple, we could obtain an engagement visa for Jonathan to come to this country after only having visited each other twice in TWO years; we've seen each other three times in six months and after next week it will be four times. If we were heterosexual, we could get married in any ofnthe 50 states or the UK or Ireland and Jonathan would be automatically on the road to US citizenship, AUTOMATICALLY.

And that's just small potatoes in the face of the MANY other rights we do not enjoy as a committed homosexual couple.

Governor Lingle this week vetoed CIVIL UNIONS, in Hawai'i, the generic substitute we, as homosexuals are supposed to accept so we don't contaminate the hallowed MARRIAGE word. FUCK CIVIL UNIONS! It's time we got full CIVIL RIGHTS, including the right to marry and the right to immigrate. It has yet to ruin the UK, Sweeden, the Netherlands, Spain and Canada to name a few. Why do I have to emigrate from the country I love to enjoy the love I share with the Irish Bear?

It's time to be angry and not stop till we've won the war.

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